How it Works

Original Organics (Manchester)Our weekly updated list is issued by post, fax and email. Once orders are received from the customer and put onto our system, a confirmation of receipt is sent. As availability may change from ordering to delivery, customers are kept informed to ensure that any changes leaves the customer totally satisfied.

We are able to keep prices low due to carrying virtually no stock. The ultimate reason for this being FRESHNESS, and no waste. This method means produce that arrives at our depot at 3.00am, having been harvested the previous day, can often be with the customer by 7.00am.

We agree a time slot with our customers, when their order may be picked up or, if preferred, delivered.

Produce & Customer Service

Original Organics (Manchester)We offer a comprehensive range of fruit and vegetables throughout the whole of the year, many of which are seasonal. The consumer of today expects to have ALL varieties of produce ALL year. We therefore offer ‘out of season’ produce and leave it for the customer to decide whether to eat in season or not.

We work extremely hard to develop a good friendly working relationship with our customers, advising on all issues – on occasions when, for example, there may be a cosmetic problem with produce, or a change, such as if carrots are only available washed instead of unwashed…..then the customer will be contacted and we will discuss the change, and a possible alternative offered if necessary.

We have customers operating box schemes, and we are very happy to share our expertise, as this is a different way of buying, including bulk amounts of similar products.

Original Organics (Manchester)Quality is maintained by not carrying stock. Produce comes in and goes out very quickly! This means produce may arrive from a grower at 3.00am and is with the retailer by 7.00am. Freshness is a happy bi-product!